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About Cade Alvarez

Native Californian, Cade Alvarez, has been with Fair Trade since 2021. Cade was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, lived in the San Fernando Valley for over a decade, and eventually migrated to Orange County for the beautiful beaches and weather. He has lived and traveled for work throughout the state, affording him the opportunity to experience the unique appeal of its various landscapes, architecture, and communities. 

Cade has enjoyed a fascinating career that gives him a unique perspective as a real estate agent. 10 years as a private investigator fine-tuned his attention to detail, and more than 20 years as an actor and stunt person helped him develop a thick skin, an ambitious spirit, and a humble soul. 

Cade was also a Boy Scout, has played the piano since the age of 5, and played team sports his entire life. These experiences shaped his honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm, and taught him to always be prepared…for anything. 

Cade has two (completely spoiled) rescue dogs, and he’s passionate about giving back to his community. Giving Children Hope, the L.A. Rescue Mission, O.C. Animal Care, and Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center are just some places where he’s volunteered his services.

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