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Luan Ly

Chief Financial Officer

(469) 835-9583
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About Luan Ly

Luan has a passion for investments and all things finance-related. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics and Master’s in Finance, he started out his career as a stock broker learning about the investment world and then moving into sell-side advisory for privately held businesses all over the United States and Canada. During his 9 year career in the mergers and acquisitions space, Luan developed a keen curiosity about how businesses are set up and operated beyond just numbers. Today, he acts as CFO for a well-established and growing company involved in real estate. He continues to build the finance team while keeping operational efficiency as a critical objective.

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  • Broker Address:
    Fair Trade Real Estate
    18881 Von Karman, Ste#225
    Irvine, CA 92630
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