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About Matthew Miller

In the rolling hills of Humboldt County, a young Matthew Miller was born into this world with a glint in his eye and a sense of adventure in his heart. As a child, he spent his days exploring the wilds of the California coast, discovering the secrets of nature and dreaming of far-off lands.
But it was in the urban streets of Sacramento that Matt truly came of age, honing his skills as a young man and preparing himself for the challenges ahead. And when duty called, he answered with a sense of purpose and commitment that would define his life.
As a US Army medic, Matt found himself thrust into the chaos of war-torn Iraq, facing down danger and adversity with a courage that few can match. And through it all, he never lost sight of his mission to help those in need, to ease their pain and suffering, and to bring a sense of hope to a world that had lost its way.
But even after his service was done, Matt continued to serve, this time as a real estate investor, using his keen eye and sharp mind to find opportunities where others saw only obstacles. And in the process, he built a life of stability and prosperity, one that allowed him to provide for his beloved wife Megan and their two beautiful children.
Today, Matt calls the bustling city of Long Beach his home, a place where he can put down roots and continue to make a difference in the world. And though his adventures may have taken him far from his humble beginnings, he remains true to the values that have guided him all his life – courage, compassion, and a relentless determination to succeed.

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