Leveling the Playing Field

May 24, 2023 | Investor | 0 comments

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Residential real estate investing has become increasingly challenging for small to medium-sized investors due to the monopolization of the best inventory by institutional buyers with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. These large investors have been able to buy up foreclosures in bundles at pennies on the dollar, leaving local investors struggling to find good deals.


This is where Fair Trade Real Estate comes in. They are setting out to empower local medium to small investors by giving them access to the best available deals. By leveling the playing field and providing a more consistent source of properties, Fair Trade Real Estate is giving local investors the opportunity to compete with institutional buyers and succeed in the market.


One of the advantages of local investors is their ability to put out better quality rehabs. They have a deeper understanding of the local market and are more familiar with the needs and preferences of buyers in the area. This means they can typically increase the values of homes much more than the lip service that institutional buyers often put on a property.


Many local investors are tired of getting beat out on every deal on the multiple listing service or at auctions. They deserve to have a better and more consistent source of properties. Fair Trade Real Estate is able to provide that source, which enables investors to compete more effectively and grow their businesses.


Fair Trade Real Estate’s mission is to make residential real estate investing more accessible and equitable for all investors, regardless of their size or resources. By providing a more level playing field and access to better inventory, local investors can compete more effectively with institutional buyers and build more successful businesses.


In conclusion, the monopolization of the best residential real estate inventory by institutional buyers has made it difficult for local investors to find good deals. Fair Trade Real Estate is working to change that by empowering local investors and giving them access to the best available properties. This will not only level the playing field, but it will also help local investors produce better quality rehabs, increase property values, and grow their businesses.

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