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The wholesale real estate industry has long been considered a bit of a wild west, with unlicensed, inexperienced individuals trying to make a quick buck by selling off-market properties. This lack of regulation and accountability has created a murky and sometimes unethical marketplace that is difficult for legitimate investors to navigate. However, Fair Trade Real Estate is working to clean up these muddy waters and bring high ethics and professionalism to the wholesale real estate space.

The Solution

Fair Trade Real Estate is providing a solution to this issue by only dealing with licensed professionals, thereby bringing a level of accountability and regulation to the industry. The company offers discounted off-market properties, exclusively to licensed professionals, creating a safe and ethical environment for those in the market.

The Issue

The wholesale real estate industry has been plagued by unlicensed wholesalers, who often have no idea what they are doing, and lack a governing body to hold them accountable. By working exclusively with licensed professionals, Fair Trade Real Estate is setting a new standard for the industry.

Transparency, Ethics, and Professionalism

The company’s mission is to ensure that all deals are completed with transparency, ethics, and professionalism. They have a rigorous screening process for properties, and they only work with licensed professionals who have a proven track record of success in the industry. This provides peace of mind for investors, who can be confident that they are working with reputable professionals who have a deep understanding of the market.

Our Commitment

Fair Trade Real Estate’s commitment to high ethical standards has led to the creation of a more transparent and regulated wholesale real estate market. They are providing a solution for investors who have been looking for a more reliable and trustworthy way to find off-market deals. Their focus on only working with licensed professionals has brought much-needed accountability to the industry, and created a safe space for investors to buy and sell properties.


In conclusion, Fair Trade Real Estate is leading the charge in cleaning up the muddy waters of the wholesale real estate industry. By creating a safe and ethical marketplace, and working only with licensed professionals, they are setting a new standard for the industry. Their focus on transparency, ethics, and professionalism is providing peace of mind for investors who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy way to find off-market deals. With Fair Trade Real Estate leading the way, the wholesale real estate industry is set to become a more regulated and accountable marketplace.

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